Our Story

Sonny Webster

Big Friday Supplies delivers for the first time, hype gym wear to the fitness community. The opportunity to express your emotions, personality and passion through the garments you let touch your skin is everything Big Friday is about. Here colour is for everyone.

The brainchild of Olympian Weightlifter Sonny Webster, expresses his quirky style into exclusive pieces inspired by his love for the hype, bringing you kit made by a lifter, for lifters.

Imagine being able to walk into your gym wearing something that people want but can’t have. Yet turn heads in a bar wearing the very same thing.

Big Friday says you lift but you’re here to party.

In weightlifting you have seconds to make that good lift. You won’t always make it... so you might as well look your best trying.

If anyone ask... just remember “if you don’t know don’t worry”

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