Our mission: To leave as little negative impact on the earth and its people as possible, whilst bringing the maximum amount of positive impact we can.
The balance between bringing you the highest quality and most unique designs, with pursuing world-class environmental sustainability and ethical production is no small task; but it is at the top of our priorities in line with our promise to serve you above and beyond.
Forward-thinking is what separates us from fast fashion brands. The idea is to bring you garments that will last and be wearable time and time again. 
You wouldn’t believe it but over 140 million pounds worth of clothes go into landfills each year in the UK! 
Your role in this is important too! Making sure you look after the garments and wash with our guidance will see them last and stay out of the rubbish bin. 
Action: As we know, all of these words mean nothing without action, which is why from our very first launch we have implemented the following protocols;
-98% of our Indian cotton is completely organic, vegan friendly, using no hazardous chemicals or pesticides in the garments, which also guarantees no runoff into nearby fields and soil.
-Certified by GOTS, GRS, Oeko-tex, OCS & PETA.
-Our synthetic products used are 100% organic and recycled.
-Our packaging bags are 100% recyclable, furthermore, we encourage you to reuse them before considering recycling, they look good! We use them to keep sweaty gym gear away from a clean kit within our gym bags or use them to store our gym accessories. 
-Our garment production factories are certified for safety and working conditions by Fair Wear Foundation.
-All of our partnering factories utilize effluent treatment plants used to filter any water used to guarantee its safety for reuse. 
-This year we will be rolling out the use of recycled cardboard to replace postal bags to improve user experience and help further to reduce carbon footprint. 
The future of BFS sustainability: At the forefront of our company growth, with the support of you, our aim is to not only utilize sustainable practices throughout our entire processes, we also have future goals to enhance these systems with our factory partners, increasing what we can give back to the environment as well as our workers.
We are learning all the time and by no means say we are perfect but we are working and learning constantly towards a brighter future of which sustainability will be a part of. #forwardthinking
If you have any suggestions on how we can improve please do drop us an email.